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Twitter Chat #TheOtherWoman
Twitter Chat #TheOtherWoman




If you missed it, you’ve got to go back and read it! The Girlfriend Files talks about Being The Other Woman. But the kicker is, she didn’t chose the be!

We are joining KMW Exclusive and radio personality & host, Tiara LaNiece for a very open discussion about women who have been the mistress. You MUST clear your calendar to be a part of our first Twitter Chat of 2016!


Being The Mistress

Photo Cred: HDWallpapers Images
Photo Cred: HDWallpapers Images

I have been caught up in another television series– BET’s breakout hit show Being Mary Jane since day one. During season 1, the main character–Mary Jane Paul– had been dating a man who neglected to mention to her that he was married with kids.

Now, this is no reality tv show because when I was young and inexperienced to the ways of life, I would have thought, “how ridiculous!”  How could a woman allow herself to get caught up with a married man and not know AND keep seeing him now that she knows that he’s married? The more I watched the show, the more I knew that I had to write this post. A few years ago I found myself ‘Being Mary Jane’–pun intended! Yep, I met a man. We started seeing each other. It was an instant connection and attraction. He was married and I didn’t know it! Continue reading Being The Mistress

Tech Tuesday: Apps to Create You version 2.0

2016 Tech New Year
Photo Cred: Information Age

Happy Techie New Year, Girlfriend!

Tech Tuesday looks to bring information to you about anything tech related at least once per month. I hope that some of our less techie girlfriends will learn something new and those who are tech geeks, well, I hope that you will jump in the conversation about all things techie!

Since it’s the first Tuesday in January, I thought my girlfriends may be interested in some apps that can help you stick to your 2016 goals. Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Apps to Create You version 2.0